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Soft 404 Errors - Don't Panic!

By Toby Devonshire March 1st 2022

What is a soft 404?

A soft 404 error is caused by a URL on your website that tells the user the page doesn’t exist (a 404 code), but at the same time that it does (a 200 OK code).

The easiest way to spot a soft 404 error is within the Google Search Console coverage report!



Why do soft 404 errors matter?

Google treats traditional 404 and soft 404 errors the same way, simply put, they will not be indexed if not fixed quickly. It’s essential to run an SEO audit of your site regularly to find any 404 or soft 404 errors.

A soft 404 error causes poor user experience, so not only does it impact your search engine optimisation, but also conversion rates on your website!

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